I see white in my vagina

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Betty , I am 16 years old and started masturbating when I was around 12 years old. I still haven't had sex but I do penetrate my self with a small bottle of cream that's empty when I masturbate, and I've noticed recently that every time I finish, when I take out the bottle it has white stuff on the end, some times its clearish then others its like straight up white; that sort of looks like cum. I've been thinking that I'm ready to have sex with my boyfriend of 14 months and that gooey stuff just scares me, and makes me insecure to the point that I don't even want him to finger me because I think that whatever that is will creep him out Help me please!!! A Dear A, Our vaginas naturally have mucous inside that changes with our menstrual periods and diet. So you do not have an infection unless the mucous is yellowish, foul smelling and itches like crazy.
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Vaginal Discharge

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What is the Color of Your Vaginal Discharge Telling You?

I've gone to the doctor concerned so many times about different things that I later find out to be very normal. Different people will have different amounts and even colors of discharge, but the very first thing to know is that vaginal discharge is normal. Vaginal discharge is a combination of shedding of the vaginal lining and natural lubricants that your vagina and vulva produce. And remember — not everyone experiences these phases exactly the same.
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What Is Vaginal Discharge?

Lorain, Ohio Vaginal Infections - Know How to Identify them and Seek Treatment I often overheard my sister Mary and her friends talk among themselves in hush tones about "discharge" many times. These were college students in their twenties. They were ashamed to talk about what ailed them.
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Tight or synthetic undergarments Vaginal discharge may result from infection with: Yeast, also called Candida, a type of fungi that is part of the normal flora of human skin but can also cause infections Gardnerella, a type of bacteria found normally in the female genital tract that is the cause of bacterial vaginosis Trichomonas, a type of protozoa, an organism made up of one cell Sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea or chlamydia also can cause vaginal discharge. Other possible noninfectious causes include inflammation or irritation of the vagina from a scented product such as soap, douches, pads or tampons; diabetes; or low estrogen levels as in menopause atrophic vaginitis. Symptoms You may notice a change in the color, amount or odor of discharge. A white, curd-like discharge that looks like cottage cheese is a classic sign of yeast infection. Yellow, green or gray discharge is usually a sign of trichomonas or bacterial vaginosis.

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