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While our feline friends are known for their fastidious grooming and all-around good hygiene, you may notice that your kitty sometimes gives off a rather unpleasant aroma. When frightened, a kitty may express fluid from his anal glands, resulting in a smelly situation. Fortunately, this behavior is perfectly normal. Anal Glands A kitty's anal glands are two pea-sized sacs located on the inside of his anus, with one on each side.
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Does a Cat Emit a Bad Smell When Frightened?

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11 Weird Things That Can Affect The Smell Of Your Butt

Odors can be an embarrassing issue to deal with, but more importantly they can be a sign something's wrong with your health. That's why it's a good idea to pay attention to new symptoms, and not let odd scents go on ignored. Jessica Lue, One Medical primary care physician , tells Bustle. It could be due to an infection, an abscess, or simply the fact you had too much dairy at lunch. Whatever the case may be, taking care of yourself can make all the difference. Read on for some possible culprits, as well as what to do about them , according to experts. Sexually Transmitted Infections Andrew Zaeh for Bustle While we're all well aware of STIs involving the genitals, it's important to remember they can affect other areas, too.
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Smelly Buttocks (Bum, Anus) – Causes, Remedies, Treatment

Auntie Erin Why does my dog smell like fish? The answer to that question may surprise you Have you noticed that your furry friend has developed an odor recently? Does the odor smell strongly of fish? However at times, the anal glands do not empty enough or even at all.
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If you have ever experienced an atrocious odor coming from the backside of your favorite pooch, you have probably had the pleasure of smelling anal gland discharge. This fluid, used to mark territory, is normally expelled during defecation. Risk All dogs are at risk for this odiferous issue, but smaller breeds, such as miniature poodles and miniature schnauzers , have an increased risk.

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